dock construction OR

dock construction OR

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Note:  This section will be updated at least once a year typically in December after the busy summer season.  It will showcase all new products and/or capabilities of Steve's Marine Service.

5/11 - Even though the economy hasn't fully recovered, business is starting to pick up at least a little.  We decided to make another investment so we purchased a "pulsed" MIG aluminum welder.  This welder is unique since it uses the newest pulsed current technology.  More and more gangways are made from aluminum these days and with the pulsed MIG we can use a higher tensile strength welding wire and achieve better penetration in the aluminum tubing.  Our goal is to provide the highest quality product at an attractive price.

We tested the new "silent" piling holder over the winter of 2010/11.  We used it to moor the crane barge for the winter and we are pleased to report that it worked wonderfully!  Below you will see a couple of pictures of it.  Please note this is just a prototype and wasn't painted.  The new piling holder simply uses a vehicle tire that is placed over the piling.  What makes this unique is the absence of the normal clunk, clunk sound and jarring motion that you normally find with a piling holder that uses plastic or rubber rollers.  We select a vehicle tire that is about an inch larger than the diameter of the piling and surround it by a metal frame.  When waves hit the dock, the sidewall of the tire takes up the "shock" without any noise or jarring!  This is still in the testing phase but it sure looks promising.  The bottom right photo shows a normal piling holder with four UHMW rollers.

  New Pictures

2011 is already here and is in full swing.  Please don't hesitate to call on us if you are new to the river community and/or just have questions.  We are here to help. 

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